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Discover the best Appalachian hiking and camping opportunities with Excihiking's premiere guide service in Roanoke, Virginia. Tap nature's inspiration to rejuvinate spirit, or spark new interest, with the excitement of exploring the great outdoors. The company's founder, Don DeFreeze, is more than qualified to plan and support your tour throughout the Roanoke region's amazing Appalachian Mountains; he is a trained and experienced meteorologist, geologist, author, and an entertaining guide.

Consider a basic week excursion, sponsored throughout the year, crammed with the most hiking and/or camping experiences at the most efficient cost, or design your own specialized itinerary for any day(s) you desire at anytime of year.  We can accommodate many other activities as well. The Appalachian Mountains provide an inexhaustible supply of recreational activities. Just tell us and we can formulate a fantastic outdoor adventure that most fits your physical abilities and interests.

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Please Read by Don Defreeze

‘Please Read’ by Don Defreeze

Get started on a great Appalachian Trail hike right in your living room! Travel deep into mountain wilderness and escape today’s monotony.
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