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“Of all the paths you walk in life, let at least one be Appalachian”

The Appalachian Mountains are unique and ancient. Offering an amazing geologic story, they intern more than a billion years of Earth history and encapsulate the root of terrestrial existence. A hike along the acclaimed Appalachian Trail creates the perfect interface to ply its eternal appeal and inspire feelings of something beyond our daily lives and artificial surroundings.  My experiences have driven me to extend those insights in a series of books.

In written words, it's difficult to describe what exactly a hike down an Appalachian trail generates in personal freedom as well as its physical demands.  The Please Read book project attempts to exact such sensations.  The three book series intricately depicts the step-by-step hike of an Appalachian Trail journey which culminates Don Defreeze’s lifelong quest to define reality's fundamentals to his satisfaction. 

Through Don’s journey, sense the mental transition that occurs when wilderness devours anxieties as past concerns thaw and fade. Feel the gnawing fatigue wrought by grinding out each step of an arduous hike. Endure the slog to reach the goal and then bask in inspirational triumph in a truly universal understanding peaked by ultimate Appalachian isolation, solitude and seclusion.  In the end, flourish in an awareness hard to experience in our compartmentalized world- The explanation of reality belongs to everyone.

Seeking the facts that define reality has always been a central issue of mine. I studied the sciences and their explaination of our universe while remaining open to all viewpoints. Following a B.S. at SUNY Oneonta, I worked in a wide range of industries including construction, energy, retail, transportation and management, to mention a few. I interacted with a gamut of people that saw the world in different ways. Further education at Roanoke College & VA Western CC added to that host of interactions pointing to one thing all have in common- we’re all lone individuals facing eventual extinction.

In a conclusion drawn from decades of observation, I argue that a connection beyond our tangible realm is best enabled when far from the noise of our homes and cities. The clues rendering the truth are out there-  Do you have the fortitude to face them?  I offer the evidence in these books.

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