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Appalachian Hiking & Camping Adventures for Individuals & Families

*Rates valid through 05-01-18

If you’ve already booked an event, please link here to view your itinerary.

Guide Rates

Join a Day Hike: 69.00 weekday/1 person 79.00 weekend day/1 person 10.00 each extra (2 children no cost)

Join 2 Day Hikes: 129.00 weekdays 155.00 weekend 15.00 per extra (1 child free)

Guide fees are accepted anytime up to the day’s hike; all policies must be followed. Registration is not required, although any added register benefits will not be afforded. Participant must join scheduled hike for that day unless none has been specified. Contact us and we’ll get you out on the trail in a hurry!

24hr camping experience: Spring Rate- 165.00 host fee (off duty 10pm-6am) 20.00 per extra

Current Specials: FREE guided hike May 22nd, 2018- Catawba Rocks. (registration fee 7.00)

Pay your fee by phone 30 or more days prior to tour and receive 10% discount.

*All sales final within 30 days of event

Sponsored Discount Week Excursions

Usually once a month, a sponsored week adventure (Sunday to Saturday) combines the most popular hikes/camping, Roanoke attractions and Appalachian exploration at a great discount rate (lodging not included). A floating itinerary, including up to 6 events, becomes fixed upon the first group that pays its deposit. Feeling secure that we are a call away during your entire Roanoke visit is only one benefit among others afforded to registered participants. Great for those not familiar with the area. Contact us for more information/details or see our Book Hiking & Camping store category.

1 person 549.00 add 45.00 per extra

Current open discount week start dates:



Build Your Own Appalachian Adventure

Remember, we are here to design and guide you in the Appalachian adventure you eagerly wish to experience. Whether it’s purely hiking, camping, just a visit to Roanoke or a combination of any activities, we can help transform those desired interests into reality. Contact us and submit an inquiry as soon as possible for best results and to solidify your adventure in your desired time-slot (first come first served). Estimates are FREE as well as initial reservations (30 days or more prior).


We can book your lodging in Roanoke to fit your budget for a 5% fee of total room cost, or camp out!

Deep woods backpacking is offered up to 8 days, including Appalachian Trail traverses, though logistics and costs are figured individually. Please contact us.

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